Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lauki - 69º54´S​-​135º12´E

Text taken from audiogourmet

Next up on Audio Gourmet, we present an EP of five tracks by Spanish artist Lauki. He was born in Pamplona and lives in Barcelona where he currently works as freelance sound technician and composer.

Mikel Lauki has several other projects, including f.ex and Lupus where he blends ambient music and IDM. At the end of 2008 the netlabel 49manekinow published his album “Obertura”, a piece of sound experiments trapped within IDM, glitch and concrete music boundaries.
He is also part of the collective Sci-Phi, where he explores through different audiovisual pieces, the connection between image, sound and the sensibility of the time we live.

He has a particular weakness for contemporary classic music, generative art and the aesthetics of the digital error.
With the juxtaposition of classical music set to fractured digital manipulation, 69º54´S-135º12´E is characterised by crystalline nets of microsound, glitch and computer sounds that break upon contact with the delicately analog melancholy of rubbed strings.

The contrast of these two ingredients is stark, like ice melting in the hot summer sun. The ice is fragile and vulnerable, inevitably melting away quickly in the intensity of the heat. For this EP, the five short tracks reference this beautifully as the modern classical melodies are quickly melted into droplets by the electronic glitches, evaporating in just fifteen minutes.

The beauty is in the collapse...

Additional liner notes from the artist:
"69º54´S-135º12´E - Coordinates scribbled on a map, lost, then recovered in the world of dreams. In the coldest region, the promise of breaking through the inner ice. The polar desert, another frontier of our planetary existence, a territory where only fools and heroes dare to go."

released 21 June 2011
Produced by Lauki

Collaboration - Track 2 "Deconstrucción". main violin - Heike Grafe.

Original photograph by Sdroie: sdroie.deviantart.com
Artwork design by Urtzi Ziarsolo
Texts by Irantzu Piquero

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