Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dentist - Accidents

Text taken from Rural Colours

"Dentist is the ambient/ drone project of Washington, D.C.-based recording artist Lou DiBenedetto, also known as one half of Bengalfuel. Last year saw the release of Bengalfuel's Rural Colours EP, Feldspar. Dentist now presents his own contribution to the subscription series, a selection of four early tracks that should appeal to fans of Bengalfuel's intoxicating drones. Accidents is the second proper Dentist release, and it's a slightly more accessible set compared to Cuts, his debut LP of cinematic, often uncompromising synthscapes out earlier this year on Auraltone Music.

Accidents opens with 'Lost Track,' and allows us to get lost indeed. This extraterrestrial ballad sets the tone of the EP: deluxe journeys in sound that are full of mysteria and wonder. ‘Spirals’ is pure oceanic bliss which seems never to begin or end. It washes over like a delicate current on a sunlit beach, beautified by one swelling synth riff after another, each bringing in the news of the sea and cleansing the day’s memories. ‘Spray’ is its sister and her shades are deeper; the day has passed. Musical valium, spliff-enhancement, soothing background or all three, these 22 minutes are no accident: heaven-painted moods from an artist who has given the listener something lovingly done with the splendor that is life in this galaxy."


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