Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Benjamin Dauer - Saturation Event

Text taken from Feedbackloop Label

Based in Washington, D.C, Benjamin Dauer is a musician, artist and designer who is in possession of a talent that is combined with an impressive output. Besides his solo material, Benjamin is also known as one half of The Dwindlers, a duo with partner Michelle Seaman, whose recent album Dreams was also released on Portugalâs Feedback Loop to very favourable reviews. All this without a single slip in quality, one has to wonder where Benjamin derives such a wealth of inspiration from and when he finds time to sleep.

Saturation Event is an album comprising seven ambient tracks, thick with explorative synthesis and brooding undertones which surround the listener and hint at something which could be sinister, just out of reach. Opening with Borderland Of Sleep, Benjamin composes with care and the artist removes all trace of human design, leaving one alone to navigate a journey through the mysterious and immersive listening experience.

By mid-point, Benjamin delivers the intangible Crown Of Sparks, a possible album highlight, though it is difficult to pick out specific moments in such a cohesive, organic work. After many more high points have passed, the album comes to a close all too soon with Transient Pool. Saturation Event is another unique gem in Feedback Loopâs ever-expanding roster of experimental music and a work which will inspire further exploration of Benjamin's rich back catalogue of music.

Adam Williams

mastered by panicStudios
photo by Jessica Aliaga Lavrijsen
cover design by Leonardo Rosado
(cc) by nc nd June 2011


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