Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quinn Walker and Danny Clay - Track A​/​Track B

Text taken from audiogourmet

With a straight up 'a and b' side EP, we welcome Quinn Walker and Danny Clay to the Audio Gourmet netlabel.

Their long distance collaborative effort through file-sharing and sample swapping has yielded these fifteen minutes of sound, constructed from various acoustic instrument treatments, drone textures and field recordings.
Quinn is based in Daegu, South Korea and Danny is based in Ohio, US. Despite the far-flung locations in which these artists reside, their results sound remarkably coherent and restrained. Its parts mutate and evolve, gathering momentum slowly throughout these two tracks.
'Of The Days And Shapes' is a patiently building piece comprised of discernable instrument and chime sources that have been shaped into a kaleidoscopic soundscape.
'Wavering Lines Rise And Fall' closes the EP in a beautiful manner, with the building of organic drone sounds that rise and fall gracefully.

A glance at their past discography and you'll see that both artists have released 3" cd-rs through the Heat Death imprint. Aside from this, they are relatively new to the scene with two releases each. Danny has had both of his released through Heat Death whilst Quinn's other EP 'The Weight Of Care' was put out on the Rural Colours label earlier this year.
Their respective tallys now sit at three EPs each, with 'Track A/Track B' also serving as a highlight in the Audio Gourmet netlabel catalog...enjoy!

released 07 June 2011
Produced by Quinn Walker and Danny Clay
Artwork selected by Quinn Walker

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