Thursday, March 3, 2011

Celer - Red Seals

Text taken from Archaic Horizon Records

With a hope from awareness to experience, 'Red Seals' encapsulates the effects of the red tide upon the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, as experienced by its composers.

Recorded in late Spring of 2007, in the coastal hills above Laguna Beach, the oceans were viewed, recorded, and composed, being used entirely as a basis for the driving intensity, and loosening sounds; sounds that have a theme. These strings were recorded at home, driven much farther than possible, and released in sync with the very ocean waves and crests that they were composed for. These are red oceans, where everything begins with field recordings, and ends with nothing but a faint echo.

Spanning two lengthy tracks, this is meant for reflection. Archaic Horizon proudly presents their second release for Celer, the husband and wife duo from California, offering something for the locals; the few who are listening. Despite its serious nature, the longevity extends to the listener such signals as love, togetherness, fragility, perseverance, and reality through its chords. Sincere and grandiose as always, everything ends as merely a memory.

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