Friday, December 3, 2010

Ka-baalim & Cupid - Western Angels

Text taken from Darkwinter

“Western Angels” charts the intersection of multi-media arts organization Ka-baalim and Jason Kesselring (late of Skye Klad, Satyrswitch and Blitzen)’s cosmic guitar project, Cupid. The three tracks included on the “Western Angels” EP are carefully crafted drones designed to be listened to on “repeat play” for hours on end. Give your mind a break and let your ears take you where they will. This is the perfect music to accompany automatic drawing, writing, hallucinatory visions or magical scrying.

Also included in this set is the “Western Angles” EP, wherein the title track of the “Angels” EP is treated to a trio of tantalizing re-interpretations by some of today’s most accomplished experimentalists: Max Brody (Ministry, Aerola 51, Pink Anvil) lends saxophone and ear to a heady remix. The mysterious Ms.Garland Villanova unleashes an otherworldly cosmic take on the track. The legendary Rapoon closes out the remix set with a slab of the sort of quality mind altering sound experience we’ve come to expect from him.

Using treated footage of the area of the Mississippi river which acted as creative inspiration for the project, Ka-baalim has also specially prepared a video for the title cut. Finally, a booklet of lovely automatic “angel drawings” and savagely surreal cut-up text pieces rounds out the “western angels” collection.

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