Friday, December 3, 2010

Isnaj Dui - Protective Displacement

Text taken from Rural Colours

Isnaj Dui ( Katie English) is a classically trained flautist working within electroacoustic music who conveys a minimal yet capturing sound using electronically manipulated flutes and homemade instruments. To date Isnaj Dui have had several releases including 3 ep's on her own FBox Records, 'Amacrine' on Smallfish (2007) and 'Unstable Equilibrium' on Home Normal (2009).

The starting point of Protective Displacement came from some recordings of a clock that had belonged to great grandparents and which had been passed down through the family. The clock made such beautiful sounds that some recordings of the chimes and mechanism were made and incorporated into a composition. After creating fragments of melody on the bells, bass and concert flutes were used to build layers with the clock recordings drifting in and out of the texture; together creating a very peaceful and beautiful mood.

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