Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Audio Gourmet - Subconscious Substance

Text taken from Webbed Hand

This is an album to play when you are sitting along, reminiscing about bygone times. Subtle, restful melodies and sounds of nature guide the mind to positive, yet nostalgic reveries.

from the artist:

This album is themed around the idea of nostalgia, the subconscious and distant memories; that strange intangible feeling triggered by a familiar stimulus. The brain associates these stimuli with a dormant memory in the brain. Sometimes, these memories can be relived clear as day…others so feint a glimmer that you cannot possibly comprehend what your brain is trying to tell you.
This album should hopefully capture the essence of nostalgia, and also serve as a preservation for the sound that I have lifted from every day life.

192Kbps MP3

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