Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Palancar - Elysium Planitia

Text taken from Earth Mantra Netlabe

We have another Palancar release in store for you today, this time a re-release of a title originally from 2003. Called "Elysium Planitia", this is a collection of ambient space music that was described by one fan as "the quintessential Mars album". Originally released commercially on Blue Water Records, this album is now re-released and available freely under Creative Commons via Earth Mantra.

The 'prequel' in many ways to Darrell Burgan's 2010 Palancar release "Serenitatis", "Elysium Planitia" is intended to be a sound track to accompany an imaginary visit to the red planet. Each piece is named after a particular location on Mars, and each attempts to evoke the sights and sounds that one might experience if one could visit such an exotic locale. Unlike "Serenitatis", the music of this release is more tightly focused on pure space music, with more emphasis on ambience and sound design, and correspondingly less rhythm and traditional melody.

Though the album is primarily solo pieces, Palancar was joined by Gwydi on "Aureum Chaos", and by FootFall on "Olympus Mons".

Darrell is proud of the music in this album, and hopes listeners find the music both enjoyable and inspiring.

320Kbps MP3

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