Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Karl Verkade - Soundtracks & Stories I: She Ran

Text taken from karlverkade

Put on a good pair of headphones, play the mp3, open the pdf, and let the soundtrack bring the story to life.

This song was specifically written as a soundtrack for this story, not as a standalone piece. Same with the story. They need each other like Rutger Hauer needs Pris. You know what I mean.

Released 02 May 2011
Strymon Brigadier, Damage Control Timeline, Arion SPH-1, Strymon Blue Sky, Arion SAD-1, Godin SD, Matchless HC30, Hartman Vintage Germanium Fuzz, etc.

Guitars only, and no post-effects. As with most of my recordings, you'll need good headphones or good external speakers to get the full effect.

Composed, written, performed, and produced by Karl Verkade.

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