Sunday, May 22, 2011

Antonymes - Lost In Waves Of Light

Text taken from hiddenshoal

[Includes a stunning 12 page photographic pdf booklet.]

Created from elements lifted off Antonyme’s critically acclaimed album The Licence To Interpret Dreams, ‘Lost In Waves Of Light’ is a deftly crafted sonic and melodic patchwork. The track sits as a wonderful companion piece to the album, as recognised melodies unfurl, cloaked in new guises. As a work unto itself it once again places Antonymes at the height of his game, producing some of the most emotionally and sonically engaging work being released today.

Antonymes new album The Licence To Interpret Dreams has been met with universal acclaim since its release in April. It is an album of resonant beauty, as expansive as the wilds of North Wales from which it came, yet as delicate and intimate as a loved one’s breath upon your skin. Each song deploys a modest array of instruments and textures, giving them ample space to breathe and glow. It is available now through Hidden Shoal Recordings -

released 05 May 2011

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