Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fescal – Into The Atmosphere

Text taken from test tube

«From South Korea we welcome a new artist to our ever growing test tube family, his nom de guerre: Fescal. He has previously released through a couple of labels, with his most notable work being 'Beautiful Neurotic' published by the reborned Camomille Music label.

Fescal's signature sound is a marvellous and seducing combination of hiss and low frequency drones with some sort of 'lowercase' dark ambient cleverly stitched to the mix with much subtlety, and then he uses those ingredients to build massive walls of sound that leave the listener simultaneously numb and amazed, and even euphoric sometimes, just like a good psychdrug should.
This little gem of an EP will easily be featured in my top 2011 releases.»
- test tube

Listen and download

Fescal - Yesterdays News from DS1984 on Vimeo.

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