Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nobuto Suda - Ecotone

Text taken from nobutosuda

Based in Kyoto, Japan, Nobuto Suda blends field recordings with ambient drones to produce a glacial slide through almost an hour. Even in such stark soundscapes as these, it’s easy for field recordings to clutter the work but Suda succeeds in keeping his unobtrusive and they never once feel disruptive to the flow of the sound. Graceful and spacious, Ecotone is a must for anyone who likes to immerse themselves in miminalism
by suit case orchestra

Nobuto Suda’s “Ecotone”, released on Somehow Recordings, starts with transparent and sparkling sound of ”Ecotone”, which entitled the whole album. You hear some water babble, and spreading, sweet drone; the next track “Connected Place”, as if continuing to create the fresh and light atmosphere, contains the damped version of the water sounds. “Fluidity” is too, a nice, radiant piece of Nobuto’s music, presumably made of some wind section instruments, may be processed flutes or something else – it is difficult to make it clear, what was the initial and base source of that sound. “Abundant” is serene and unobtrusive. Pulsating “Fragment Of The Sun” is so radiant, as if some part of the day star was processed and transformed into the sound. “Somewhere” with its semantic feeling of indefiniteness of location, favours the listener with the terminal brushstroke of the artist, with its tender brids’ tweet and airy ambient melody. In the whole, this album represents a specimen of natural music, which is closely connected with trees, the sky, animals, elements, by accurate addition of music components into the field recordings. So, make a drift to Somewhere with Nobuto Suda’s “Ecotone”.
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Release from Somehow Recordings,2010.
Format : CDR
Ltd : 50

released 01 January 2010
music by Nobuto Suda

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