Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Deep Into Perspectives - Vintage Noir

Text taken from audiogourmet

Returning to Audio Gourmet with a second EP, we welcome back Deep Into Perspectives to see out the winter with a trio of dark and mysterious tracks.

Deep Into Perspectives is ambient and experimental artist Kent Nymann, from Norway.
With a new set of tools and the cold and dark Norwegian winter came new inspiration for this follow up EP to last year's 'The Lost Tapes'...

The result is 'Vintage Noir', a project inspired by movie-scores and the dark winter mood.
The noise-textures are field-recordings from old media such as magnetic tapes, film, vinyl recording and noise from electric and mechanical devices.

Vintage Noir is a blend of textures and melodic passages which give a dense and atmospheric sound. This short collection of work is a step closer to movie-scores in the way that it is produced and arranged, marking a progression in the expanding discography of Deep Into Perspectives.

released 15 March 2011
Written and produced by Kent Nymann
Artwork by Kent Nymann


Downloade: Deep Into Perspectives - The Lost Tapes


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