Sunday, October 31, 2010

Small Things On Sundays - Recalling

Text taken from audiogourmet

After a brief pause on Audio Gourmet, we return with AGN016 'Recalling', by Danish duo Small Things On Sundays. The Small Things On Sundays project is spearheaded by the Copenhagen based Henrik Bagner and Claus Poulsen.

This artist has several releases available, varying in style across each album and over several weeks, we've been in discussion about getting together an atmospheric ambient EP depicting the quintessential characteristics of this talented duo's work. Finally, here it is in all its glory: 'Recalling', three tracks of high quality otherworldly and cavernous ambient drones. This is a thoroughly atmospheric listen from start to finish and although it has the typical short timeframe that comes as standard with Audio Gourmet releases, this record seems to draw out time through this short duration.

VBR mp3

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creditsreleased 31 August 2010 
Music by Henrik Bagner & Claus Poulsen 
Mastering by Claus Poulsen 
Cover by Artwerk 
cc 2010

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